Freezer Trailer 2.45M – Standard Size


WEEK HIRE - £350


Our freezer trailers are available to hire for all types of events:

Emergency Breakdown Cover
Wedding Receptions, Parties, Corporate Events
Festivals, Food Festivals, Music Festivals

Delivery and set up to include:  

  • Delivery, set up and collection
  • Fly lead to hook up to 16 amp generator connector or a standard domestic 3 pin socket (13 amp plug)
  • Three tiers or racking/shelving to both sides of the trailer which can be removed if not required
  • 10 metres of electrical lead
  • Locking rear door
  • Hitch Lock
  • Wheel Clamp
  • Rear Step
  • Internal lighting

Freezer Trailer - Standard Size

Our standard freezer trailers come with racking on both sides which can be removed if required.

  • 12.30 Meters of shelf space
  • 3 tiers of racking x 2
  • 6.5 Cubic metres of space


Internal Length - 2450mm
Width -1450mm.
Height -1800mm
Interior Floor Space - 3.55 sqm

Length - 4100mm.
Width - 2050mm

Delivery and Set up

We will deliver the trailer with one of our 4x4's, set it up and level it with its stabiliser legs. Once set up a hitch lock and wheel clamp will be fitted for security.  We will plug the trailer into the electricity supply and make sure the trailer is down to temperature.

The driver will then hand you the rear door key and it's yours for to use for the hire period.

We do not allow our trailers to be moved on site once set up.

Power required - 3 Kws

(If using a generator for power it must be a minimum of 5KVA)

All of out trailers work perfectly from any domestic mains supply. (3 pin socket) or (Blue 16 amp socket)

If running the trailer from a generator it must have an output of at least 5 KVA if it is running nothing else. If the generator is providing power for other applications as well there MUST be at least 5 KVA left for the fridge/freezer trailer.

Any less, on start up the extra load will cause the revs on the generator to drop, the voltage will then drop, there will be a surge in Amps which will burn out the electronic control unit on the trailer…any damage to the control unit will be the responsibility of the hirer. THEY ARE NOT CHEAP..!!!!   (Please only run the trailer from the mains or a suitable large event generator.)

Small Chinese generators: Irrespective of what they say the output is.... they will damage the trailer's electronic control panel. The output on them is not stable enough for modern electronic control panels, if you wouldn’t plug your phone or laptop into one..!!! Please do not plug a trailer into one…you will get the same result.

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